It may not be the only choice, but for thousands of people when buying a smartphone, the iPhone is the obvious choice.

Android smartphones may resemble iPhone hardware and software at times but Apple has a hold on the smartphone market in the west and it doesn’t look like letting up any time soon.

With the unveiling of the iPhone XS and iPhone XR there are now seven different iPhones that Apple sells. That’s unusual, and means we have racked our brains to rank the iPhones from best to worst.

This of course is the subject of much passionate debate here at Macworld.

The debate over which iPhone is truly best could rage for days, and for many diehard fans it’s the most recent iPhone with the best specs. But many people simply don’t need – or can’t afford – the most expensive iPhone.

We’ve ranked the lineup to represent the best iPhones for most people. We took into consideration age, size, price on contract or handset only, performance and more to decide which should sit atop the charts.

iPhone comparison 2019

1. iPhone XR

Apple iPhone XR

2. iPhone XS

Apple iPhone XS

3. iPhone XS Max

Apple iPhone XS Max

4. iPhone 8 Plus

Apple iPhone 8 Plus

5. iPhone 8

Apple iPhone 8

6. iPhone 7

Apple iPhone 7

7. iPhone 7 Plus

Apple iPhone 7 Plus