Updated: 19th March 2018

Samsung Says Galaxy S9 CES 2018 Debut “Unlikely”

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 will NOT debut at CES 2018, Galaxy X may instead, however

Following earlier reports claiming Samsung would showcase the Galaxy S9 in some capacity at CES 2018 in January, the company has itself stepped in to clarify that such an occurrence is “unlikely”.

This is according to a report from The Korea Herald, stating that the comment comes direct from Samsung itself. The report also goes over some other existing rumours and claims that the Galaxy S9 will feature a near 90% screen-to-body ratio compared to the Galaxy S8 series 84%. Contrary to earlier reports, however, it’s now thought that Samsung will not implement an under-display fingerprint scanner; apparently Samsung has switched suppliers for the scanner components.

According to the publication’s source “familiar with the matter,” it is “highly unlikely for Galaxy S9 to have an in-display fingerprint scanner as the technical challenges are still left unaddressed.” Apparently the scanner will be located on the rear panel.

The news stacks onto other recent details which we have reported earlier this week, most notably that the Samsung Galaxy S9 will ship in four different colours; black, blue, gold, and a new purple hue.

Lastly, there’s some new speculation in light of the word from Samsung that the Galaxy S9 will not be coming to CES; some sources indicate that instead we may be seeing the rumoured folding and flexible OLED Samsung Galaxy X at the January expo instead. As with the earlier story about the Galaxy S9, however, we expect if this is happening it will be behind closed doors for Samsung’s partners only.

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