Updated: 24th February 2018

iOS 11 update brings faster wireless charging

Apple’s latest update to iOS 11 is set to offer faster wireless charging for iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X owners.

The trio of phones, released earlier this year, all support wireless charging using the universal Qi standard.

The latest test version of iOS 11.2, due for public release by the end of the year, offers 7.5 Watts of charging power, compared with 5W in iOS 11.1.1.

In terms of day-to-today use, Apple watchers say that this works out as an extra 6% battery over a half hour period. Compared with fast–charging via USB–C on rival Android phones, this is hardly game changing,

Qi chargers can support 15W of wireless charging, but it’s not known whether Apple’s iPhone lineup can do the same. Apple has been coy about the wireless charging tech inside its devices.

The tech giant is set to release its own wireless charger in 2018, although iPhone owners can use third party products now to juice up their handsets.


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