Updated: 19th March 2018

Galaxy Note 8: In–screen fingerprint scanner behind screen brightness issues

Samsung is having issues with the in–screen fingerprint planned for its forthcoming Galaxy Note 8, reports suggest, and could now opt to ditch the technology altogether.

An anonymous insider, with knowledge of Samsung’s plans, has revealed that the embedded fingerprint scanner is causing problems with the display’s brightness.

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He also claims that the screen appears brighter in the area around the scanner, a problem Samsung considers to be a deal-breaker.

Until recently, leaked renders and rumours had pointed towards Samsung debuting the next–generation biometric tech with the Galaxy Note 8.

It had hoped to do so with the Galaxy S8, but instead had to place the fingerprint scanner on the back of the device in order to facilitate that phone’s bezel–free screen.

Now tech watchers are saying it is likely to do the same with the Galaxy Note 8, refining its in–screen fingerprint scanner for launch with next year’s Galaxy S9.

The move is likely to be a major blow for Samsung, especially as Apple’s iPhone 8 is expected to feature similar tech.

However, after issues with last year’s Galaxy Note 7, it’s unlikely Samsung wants to take any chances.


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